Events play a significant role in attracting large volumes of new and repeat visitors to Coffs Harbour, as well as providing a vibrant backdrop of activity, entertainment, education and wellbeing for the residents of the broader Coffs Coast.

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Coffs Harbour is internationally recognised as an event friendly city, being awarded the globally acclaimed World Festival and Event City Award for the last 4 consecutive years by the International Festival and Event Association.

The Coffs Coast plays host to a diverse range of events of local, regional, national and international attraction, which continues to strengthen each year.

In 2016 Coffs Harbour City Council adopted the Coffs Harbour Events Strategy 2020, which provides the strategic framework to attract, grow and retain events in Coffs Harbour and aims to provide expertise and support to increase the capacity of others to run successful events.

The event funding program is currently closed.  Please check back later for information on the next round.  To subscribe for updates on the program, please email 

Assistance is available to event organisers in the following categories:

Event Seed funding

Grants of up to $5,000: For start-up or new events* running within the Coffs Harbour LGA, aimed at providing support to events in their most critical early stages.

Event Seed Funding is available to events* that are either:

  • New (never run before)
  • Within their first three years in Coffs Harbour (or first three events, whichever occurs first)
  • New to Coffs Harbour (for example an established / touring event coming to Coffs Harbour for the first time)
  • An event returning to Coffs Harbour for the first time in over ten years

Event Destination Marketing funding

Grants of up to $10,000: For events* targeting overnight visitation from outside the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area (LGA). This funding is designed to assist in developing a marketing campaign to drive visitation to the Coffs Coast, and the event, from outside the LGA.

Event Destination Marketing is available to events* that are:

  • Established events running within the Coffs Harbour LGA (must have run a minimum of 3 times within the past 5 years)
  • Recurring events (not one-offs)
  • Targeting or attracting overnight visitors to the event from outside the LGA

The purpose of allocating event funding is to support the strategic goals identified in the Events Strategy of attracting, developing and retaining unique events on the Coffs Coast as they play an important role in reflecting the attractiveness of our region and provide significant economic value back to the community.


*Please note:  Markets are not eligible for event funding.

Coffs Harbour City Council plays an active and important role in providing event expertise, support and assistance to event organisers. Our aim is to collaboratively develop a diverse portfolio of events on the Coffs Coast that deliver benefits back to the community.

All submissions for event funding will be assessed against the Assessment Criteria which was developed in the Coffs Harbour Events Strategy 2020.

Before applying for funding, you should familiarise yourself with the criteria for each category. You must be able to explain and report on the benefits that your event brings to the region including the economic, community, marketing and sustainability impacts of the proposed event.

Please read the key assessment criteria outlined below, to understand if your event meets one or more of the strategic criteria.

1.      Economic Development
1.  Direct provable economic spend in the region
2.  Partnering or involving local businesses
3.  Suitable time of the year
4.  Develop the city and the region’s assets
2.     Community Development
1. Legacy of the event to assist the community
2. Involving local communities & individuals
3. Increasing community interaction
4. Contributing to the diversity of events
3.     Coffs Coast Brand & Marketing
1. Project positive image of Coffs Harbour consistent with the marketing objectives (identified in the Coffs Coast Strategic Tourism Plan 2020)
2. Positive Media Exposure
3. Uniqueness
4.     Sustainability
1. Abilities of the event organisers to deliver the event
2. Framework for the event
3. Use of Council facilities
4. Additional partners, sponsors and or grants
5. Strategic planning and repeatability
6. Environmentally Sustainable

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