Coffs Harbour City Council collaborates with the NSW Government‘s tourism and events agency, Destination NSW, which is responsible for the development of festivals and events in Sydney and Regional NSW. The key program aimed at developing festivals and events in regional NSW is the Regional Flagship Events Program.

The Regional Flagship Events Program identifies and supports events in Regional NSW that have the potential to act as ‘cornerstone’, or Flagship, tourism events for their area by attracting overnight visitation and delivering long term benefits to their region.  The three funds that sit under the umbrella of this program are the Incubator Event Fund, the Flagship Event Fund, and the Event Development Fund. This program specifies a range of assessment criteria by which applicant’s requests are assessed and a range of support and assistance as part of one off or triennial funding.

Events on the Coffs Coast have been regularly supported through this program as both recipients of the one off and triennial funding.